The Scandinavian rail market has long been a trailblazer for Europe. The planned extensive investments for the Scandinavian railways will further lead to a strengthening of the region’s future rail market. The traffic authorities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are aware of the fact that foreign innovative railway companies are the key to sustainable economic growth and industry-wide competitiveness.


A clear political commitment to strengthen rail transport in Scandinavia

The Swedish government is currently pursuing a 10-year investment plan for rail transport worth over € 27 billion. In Denmark, the government has also approved the so-called “Togfunden” (railway fund) worth over € 3.7 billion for the next 10 years in order to further improve public transport. The largest investment plan for rail transport development in Danish history. And also in Norway, the current national transport plan (NTP) for the period 2018-2029 shows a historical commitment to the expansion of infrastructure and, in particular, rail transport. Between 2018 and 2029 about € 2.8 billion are to be invested in railways by the state side.

Promising market opportunities also small and medium-sized companies in the railway industry

In addition to the investment plans, the Scandinavian markets offer promising market opportunities for foreign companies through their fair and transparent competition. This safe market environment is important in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their deep application know-how will also be increasingly in demand in the future, when Scandinavia, which is dominated by large-sized providers of engineering services, will increasingly be involved in the implementation of innovative railway applications.

Doing Rail Business in Scandinavia – A first overview

Here you can get a first overview of the structure and character of the railway sectors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. An in-depth analysis of the Scandinavian railway market can be found in our current report Scandinavian Rail Market Insight. You will find the development of the railway industry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and a unique insight into the future impact of digitization on the Scandinavian rail transport market.


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