Competency models

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Want clarity on which competencies are critical to success for specific roles in your organization?

We work with you to define the behaviors needed in key roles to ensure business success. Subsequently, we derive individual competence models from this.

We tailor our personnel consulting to your corporate strategy and your individual challenges.

Create job profiles

Together with you, we analyze for selected roles which core tasks and essential challenges these roles have or will have. What must not go wrong under any circumstances and which behaviors must be easy for the role holder?

Derive competence model

Based on the identified and urgently required behaviors, we define with you the required core competencies for selected key roles. This is how we arrive at your organization-specific competency model.

Selection and Development

We agree with you on appropriate procedures to determine the competencies and fit of candidates for critical roles. On this basis, you can avoid misplacements or make people “fit” for the next career step in a targeted manner.

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