The ASTRAN team has created an online framework for a lively exchange of information for industry experts. Insights from different perspectives and independent authors create a colorful picture of opinions on the special role of rail-based transport in reducing climate change. In-depth analysis, clear and robust market information helps to keep track in an increasingly complex dynamic information jungle.

Air pollution and global warming are among the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

One approach to solving the pressing problems of climate change is to increase the use of rail transport. By shifting passenger and freight traffic to rail, CO2 emissions in the transport sector can be significantly reduced. In conjunction with the dynamic social and technological change processes brought about by digitization, the shift and thus the implementation of the European climate targets will lead to new technical solutions, changed markets and new business fields.

Against this background, sound information about markets, innovative technologies, political framework conditions and companies is necessary in order to make the right entrepreneurial decisions in an increasingly complex information situation.

In this way, climate change can be successfully combated and new sustainable business fields can be developed.

Rail Market Research is poised for growth and will gradually become a center of information exchange for rail market experts.

ASTRAN is a Kiel-based company specializing in strategy consulting, project and process management. We at ASTRAN are burning for the railroad market. Every day we deal with what is happening in the international railroad landscape. In order to provide our clients with the best possible information, we maintain a variety of databases with up-to-date business, product and technical information on industry-specific companies.

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