ASTRAN is a management service provider for technology oriented companies and entrepreneurs. We support YOU, the ardent natural scientist and engineer, in exploiting your strategic potential for success. We specialize and focus on the strategic core processes which are vital for each company

| well-founded market analyzes

| lead generation

| innovation consulting

| creative strategies

| systematic market development

| online-marketing

| excellent project and process management

This specialisation creates space for development and sustainable success for your business.

ASTRAN Business Consulting GmbH is managed and owned by Reinhold Hundt.

\\ ASTRAN | Advanced Strategy Navigator //

ASTRAN navigates with you as our partner through a difficult and complex global market based on fundamental and specific market information and in a holistic way. With our project oriented approach we bridge the gap between more traditional company structures and agile new concepts.

The dynamics and complexities of businesses are rising and simple solutions are not sustainable: Creativity instead of „me too“.

We are living in a time of rapid change characterized by changing customer requirements, new competitors, technical innovations and socio-technical networks. Your long-term business strategy has to be reviewed, adapted and radically focused on customer needs. Customer benefits create business success.

It has to be secured and guaranteed that the whole company is focused on the future but not overstretched. Change by Evolution.

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Your experts

For professional expert opinions and reliable background information, our industry experts are also available to you.

Our expert for the the rail market:

Reinhold Hundt | +49 431 90881144

Our expert for the energy market:

Volker Isbrecht | +49 431 90881148

For further information, we are always at your disposal. You can use the contact form to send us your contact information and to receive further information in the future.