As an accomplished management service provider, we specialize in the development and implementation of sophisticated business segment strategies in IT and technology markets and have proven expertise in the rail and energy industry. Our customers not only benefit from our many years of experience in these two important market segments but as Advanced Strategy Navigators, we support you and your company in all relevant core questions of strategic corporate governance.

From an optimally prepared market entry to successful new customer acquisition and sustainable innovation consulting to smooth project management, we are your reliable partner for strategic management services.

| well-founded market analyzes

| lead generation

| innovation consulting

| creative strategies

| systematic market development

| online-marketing

| excellent project and process management

This specialisation creates space for development and sustainable success for your business.

ASTRAN Business Consulting GmbH is managed and owned by Reinhold Hundt.


\\ ASTRAN | Advanced Strategy Navigator //


ASTRAN navigates with you as our partner through a difficult and complex global market based on fundamental and specific market information and in a holistic way. With our project oriented approach we bridge the gap between more traditional company structures and agile new concepts.

The dynamics and complexities of businesses are rising and simple solutions are not sustainable: Creativity instead of „me too“.

We are living in a time of rapid change characterized by changing customer requirements, new competitors, technical innovations and socio-technical networks. Your long-term business strategy has to be reviewed, adapted and radically focused on customer needs. Customer benefits create business success.

It has to be secured and guaranteed that the whole company is focused on the future but not overstretched. Change by Evolution.

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Rail market

The global markets for rail technology are influenced by global megatrends. In addition to increasing mobility requirements, dwindling energy reserves and increasing environmental and climate protection awareness, in particular progressive urbanization is creating more transport needs and the need for new logistics concepts. Rail technology is primarily influenced by standardization and digitization. The markets are facing a profound structural change in which every company must be individually prepared. The industry is booming and is attracting the attention of many IT companies emerging from outside the rail industry.

As proven experts on the German and international rail markets, we advise companies on the development and expansion of their market activities in the railway environment. On the basis of our widely-noticed market analyzes and current trend reports, we support you unerringly by:

| market entry strategies

winning over new customers

| consulting in marketing and communication management

| innovation consulting


Our expert for the rail market:

Reinhold Hundt 

| Founder and CEO of ASTRAN

| 28 years management experience in the railway and IT industry

| 15 years as Managing Director of an international IT-Railsystem Company

| | +49 431 90881144


Energy market

The energy industry is undergoing a profound change. Business and politics are facing great challenges. Security of supply and energy costs, market liberalization and climate change are the topics of the day and are moving the industry and the public alike. The envisaged energy supply of the future based on renewable energies implies a changed infrastructure and places completely new demands on transmission and distribution network operators.

We have years of experience in the energy industry and thus bring excellent market knowledge into our consulting. As industry experts, we primarily support our clients in adapting their organizations and processes, and help them optimally to implement key competitive success factors such as customer orientation, efficiency and regulatory certainty of internal business processes. These include, for example:

| development and implementation of measures for the optimization of maintenance strategies

| creating concepts for holistic asset management according to PAS55

| create risk analysis and support business continuity management (BCM)

| development of management concepts, in particular for operators of critical infrastructures

| creating project manuals and setting up project organizations

Our expert for the energy market:

Volker Isbrecht

Partner at ASTRAN |

20 years of experience in business consulting and in the management of complex projects | | +49 431 90881148 |