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WABTEC CORPORATION – Systematical on the way to becoming a GLOBAL PLAYER

Founded by George Westinghouse as Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation, the origins of Wabtec Corporation date back to 1869. In its current form, Wabtec Corpo-ration has been in existence since 1999. Although Wabtec is rather unknown in the Euro-pean rail market apart from Faiveley Transport, the group has recently become one of the top ten rail system companies and achieved a turnover of around 7.8 billion dollars in the financial year 2021.At the end of the 19th century, George Westinghouse developed the air brake. The com-pany he founded, Westinghouse Air […]


Sustainability as a business model – pioneer Vossloh AG Vossloh is a globally active and listed rail technology company headquartered in Werdohl, which today focuses on rail infrastructure in its core business. In the financial year 2021, the company’s sales could be fully attributed to the EU taxonomy regulation, thus underpinning the sustainability of Vossloh’s business model. The company has a long tradition: in 1888, the blacksmith Eduard Vossloh founded the company of the same name in Werdohl. As early as 1883, Vossloh was working on behalf of the Royal […]


Trade fairs offer companies an ideal setting to present themselves and their products to a large audience and are thus among the most effective marketing tools in B2B communication. To generate leads, it is not enough to act freely according to the motto “see and be seen”. The trade fair appearance must be subject to clear goals. Work on achieving these goals begins months before the actual trade fair – by means of pre-show marketing. Meaning of pre-show marketing At trade fairs, you compete with many other companies for the […]

Rail Market Research is Online – New International Knowledge Platform in Operation

The ASTRAN team has created an online framework for a lively exchange of information for industry experts. Insights from different perspectives and independent authors create a colorful picture of opinions on the special role of rail-based transport in reducing climate change. In-depth analysis, clear and robust market information helps to keep track in an increasingly complex dynamic information jungle. Air pollution and global warming are among the most pressing challenges facing humanity. One approach to solving the pressing problems of climate change is to increase the use of rail transport. […]

Companies in crisis

The Corona pandemic has left its mark. According to calculations by the IW (Institute of the German Economy), GDP will shrink by a total of 300 billion euros between January 2020 and June 2021. The calculation is based on modelling an intact economy without Corona and comparing it with the current economic development. During the first lockdown in spring 2020, a loss of around 100 billion euros was incurred. Furthermore, there are 140 billion euros in losses between the lockdown in autumn 2020 and the end of June 2021. It […]

Using the crisis as an opportunity

The economy is picking up again and order books are slowly filling up again. This is a good opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of subsidized consulting services. The product portfolio can be repositioned or organizations can be set up more robustly. In particular, young companies or companies in economic difficulties receive unbureaucratic and targeted assistance from experienced consultants through the support program of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).  Small and medium-sized companies receive support through consulting subsidies. The support is worthwhile: […]

Private transport vs. public transport

At the beginning of 2020, Deutsche Bahn set new records for passenger numbers. In January and February, an increase of 11.2% and 6% respectively was achieved in long-distance transport compared to the same months of the previous year. This continued the trend of 2019: for the first time, more than 150 million passengers used the long-distance passenger rail services in 2020. Local public transport (ÖPNV) also recorded a slight increase in passengers. With an increase of 0.4%, this was not as strong as in long-distance transport. However, the segments of […]

The European Year of Rail

2021 is the European Year of Rail. Through events, initiatives and campaigns, it aims to show how sustainable, innovative and safe rail transport is. The ambitions are great, as is the budget: the European Commission is spending around 8 million euros on the Year of Rail. The money will be used to support events and initiatives as well as efforts to transport more people and goods by rail. In addition, exhibitions, information campaigns and educational events are planned. These are to promote the railway among travellers and transporters. The extent […]

Knowledge Sharing

Work and corporate culture is subject to constant change. It adapts to the demands of society and thus enables innovation and progress in the reconciliation of family and work. Knowledge sharing is indispensable for a successful company that wants to embrace this change in order to further develop itself and its corporate culture. Decision-making is facilitated, learning routines are established and innovation and cultural change are promoted. This results in better work performance of all employees – going new ways can therefore move the company forward. Knowledge sharing is simply […]