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Integration Ausbildung und Betriebsanalyse durch Simulation

Neben Fahrsimulatoren werden Betriebssimulatoren zur Ausbildung der Fahrdienstleiter eingesetzt. Die Betriebs- und Stellwerksimulation bildet alle relevanten Details der Originalsysteme nach, um in der Ausbildung das gleiche Look & Feel wie beim Betrieb am Originalsystem zu erreichen. Dazu werden systemspezifische Funktionen der jeweiligen Stellwerks- und Leitsysteme detailliert abgebildet und es kann eine realistische Topografie oder eine virtuelle Strecke nachgebildet werden. Der […]

Our year 2017

We would like to say “Thank you!“ Thank you for another successful year for ASTRAN with great customers and partners, great friends and colleagues.  

The Digital Transformation of the Railway Industry: Digitization and Standardization Go Hand in Hand

Digitization offers the opportunity to create a new competitive structure that promotes the rail system as a whole and makes companies active in the rail market more competitive and innovative. In this regard the German railway industry faces new structural challenges. In the past, the established rail industry companies have already contributed significantly to the increasing automation of rail transport. […]

Doing Rail Business in Scandinavia – Promising Market Opportunities for Innovative SMEs

The Scandinavian rail market has long been a trailblazer for Europe. The planned extensive investments for the Scandinavian railways will further lead to a strengthening of the region’s future rail market. The traffic authorities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are aware of the fact that foreign innovative railway companies are the key to sustainable economic growth and industry-wide competitiveness.   […]

Snapshot of the German Rail Market

ASTRAN Market Snapshot series provides a comprehensive insight into the rail market in Germany including all relevant key performance indicators (KPI) of the German rail industry both for the total market as well as for the market-specific industry segments. It further explains the potential influence of digitisation on the competition of the German rail business.