Rail market

The global markets for rail technology are influenced by global megatrends. In addition to increasing mobility requirements, dwindling energy reserves and increasing environmental and climate protection awareness, in particular progressive urbanization is creating more transport needs and the need for new logistics concepts. Rail technology is primarily influenced by standardization and digitization. The markets are facing a profound structural change in which every company must be individually prepared. The industry is booming and is attracting the attention of many IT companies emerging from outside the rail industry.

As proven experts on the German and international rail markets, we advise companies on the development and expansion of their market activities in the railway environment. On the basis of our widely-noticed market analyzes and current trend reports, we support you unerringly by:

market entry strategies

winning over new customers

consulting in marketing and communication management

innovation consulting


Energy market

The energy industry is undergoing a profound change. Business and politics are facing great challenges. Security of supply and energy costs, market liberalization and climate change are the topics of the day and are moving the industry and the public alike. The envisaged energy supply of the future based on renewable energies implies a changed infrastructure and places completely new demands on transmission and distribution network operators.

We have years of experience in the energy industry and thus bring excellent market knowledge into our consulting. As industry experts, we primarily support our clients in adapting their organizations and processes, and help them optimally to implement key competitive success factors such as customer orientation, efficiency and regulatory certainty of internal business processes. These include, for example:

development and implementation of measures for the optimization of maintenance strategies

creating concepts for holistic asset management according to PAS55

create risk analysis and support business continuity management (BCM)

development of management concepts, in particular for operators of critical infrastructures

creating project manuals and setting up project organizations


Financial management for technology companies

The finance area is the nerve center of a company – this is where internal and external signals are received, processed and forwarded. All impulses that are important for managing the company as an organism pass through the finance area. The finance department therefore plays a key role in the strategy process, which it manages from a financial perspective, and in corporate planning. It aims to increase business performance and enterprise value by becoming a driver in the identification of areas for action and the implementation of change processes.

Within the finance department, too, the aim is to become more efficient through the continuous adaptation of organizational structures, rationalization and increasing automation, and to create scope for strategic work. The finance department can then support value-creating and strategy-compliant behaviors within the company. In this context, a high level of professional and social competence is indispensable, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect. Particularly in complex situations, psychological influencing factors must be taken into account in addition to sober facts and measured variables.

Based on our many years of experience in consulting and managing financial departments, we support our clients in a targeted manner at the points of greatest benefit. These include:

| Planning and managing earnings and liquidity

| Improving budgeting and forecasting

| Developing scenarios and assessing options for action

| Establishing operational and financial reporting and key figures

| Digitalizing and automating processes

| Selecting new specialists and managers

| Revise salary structures, incentive systems and remuneration models